Why You Should Buy Resistance Bands for Super Fitness

wpid-0ce7c3fd-2164-44ab-854e-ff888267c689.jpgPeople looking to workout from home don’t always want to spend a fortune on home gym equipment. The good news is that you can get a very effective workout with very minimal equipment, especially when you’re doing HIIT training. Resistance bands are one of those home gym staples that needn’t cost too much. So what makes them so great for fitness?

Are Resistance Bands As Good As Weights?

Resistance bands, also sometimes known as exercise bands, are stretchy, long, thin bands that can be used for different workouts. Unlike weights, resistance bands get tougher on your muscles the harder you pull on them. They do come in a range of different tensions, however.

The main question people have when thinking of buying resistance bands is whether they’re as good as weights. The truth is that most people assume that resistance bands are simply a poor substitute for full weights, when people don’t want to spend the money on the real thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Resistance bands are a very useful tool in themselves. In fact, there are a number of reasons why you might prefer them to weights:
• They cost less,
• They’re easily transportable,
• They hardly weigh anything,
• You can wrap them around objects for different workouts,
• The bands get stronger the harder you work them.

That’s not to say that resistance bands are better than weights, but they should certainly be considered as a serious workout tool in their own right.

Choosing the Right Resistance Bands

If you’ve decided that resistance bands for you, then it’s important to choose the right one. A good idea is to purchase a set of bands. Resistance bands come in different tension levels – those that stretch more easily will provide less of a workout for your muscles. You want a mix of those that are light, medium and heavy. Different muscle groups require different band tension.

You can also buy attachments for your resistance bands. Whether you need them or not depends on the type of exercises you’ll be doing. For some exercises, you’ll simply hold the band in one hand and under one foot. For others, you might need to loop the band around a chair. If you don’t have anything sturdy enough to loop it around then a door attachment can come in handy.

You’ll also find that there are many different types of resistance bands available. To get started, however, you can simply buy a set of normal resistance bands at the different tension levels.


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