Do You Really Need A Personal Trainer?

I never really planned on having a personal trainer. At first, I was more interested in having some sort of workout partner. A friend of mine was in even worse physical fitness than I was in, and we planned on using each other as motivation to get in shape. We could not really afford personal trainers at the time, and we figured that just getting started would be a big accomplishment.

For a while, we got a lot of benefit from just going to the gym together a few times a week. Personal training might have sped things up, but we were doing pretty well on our own. We were both losing weight, feeling better about ourselves, and having much more energy to do the things we loved. For the first several months, this was how it was. Eventually, however, we hit a wall.

This is a well-known phenomenon. Even with personal trainers, it is possible to hit a fitness wall and be able to go no further. The exercises you are doing is simply not strenuous enough to push you up to the next level. I tried changing things up, but I just didn’t have enough extra time to exercise and, in the hour a day I was spending, I could only get so fit. That is when I decided to hire a personal trainer.

Accredited personal fitness instructors are not cheap, but fortunately the gym I was at had a deal. You could get a discount on the first month of personal training, complete with several extra hours of one on one working out. The trainer pushed me like nothing else. He made me go further, workout harder, and stay longer than I had before. That wasn’t what really helped, however. What really helped was all the new exercises he showed me. I was sculpting different muscles, doing different cardiovascular exercises, and in general having a greater variety of activities than before. It started to have an affect on my body almost immediately.

After the deal ran out, I had originally planned on quitting working with the personal fitness instructor. I found out, however, that I enjoyed it too much to quit. I decide to cut back on my hours with a personal trainer, but to keep seeing him anyway. Nowadays, I am healthier than I have ever been, and continue to get stronger. I owe a lot of that to the personal trainer who I have been working with.


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